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Acysos S L

Acysos S L

Company created in 2005. We have been advising, implementing and developing Odoo since 2006. We are the oldest introductory company in Odoo nationwide. We started with TinyERP 4.2, Odoo's first name, due to its growth evolved to OpenERP, today it is no longer just an ERP has evolved to Odoo. Our team consists of consultants, tax advisors and developers specialized in Odoo. Different profiles because each company is different and we must analyze and understand how it works so that the implementation is a success. Members and contributors of: - OCA (Odoo Community Association) - AEODOO (Spanish Association of Odoo), of which we are founding partners We are the first Odoo company software developer for presenters of the Tax Agency and partners of the AECE (Professional Association of Accounting and Tax Experts of Spain), which endorses us as experts at the tax level.

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