Alliance BPI Group, LLC

Alliance BPI Group, LLC

Alliance BPI Group, LLC

Companies are over-loaded with software products from technology vendors that work in disconnected silos but it’s hard to consume and make good use of that investment. There is constant pressure to upgrade or replace software. It takes a lot of time and effort not to mention change management for users to adopt all the features that are coming out. Everyone says, use this tool and all your problems will be solved. One of the side-effects of too much technology is the tech-burden and the security risks it comes with. Without the right resources proactively protecting company’s information assets and proactively helping the company adapt new technologies, there is a lot of risk in wasted resources not to mention the risk from hackers and opportunistic IT vendors who are good at selling fear and misguided “peace of mind”. All this complexity has resulted in a lot of frustration with technology from companies of all sizes but especially for midsize companies because they have limited resources. Customers are looking for Apple and Amazon type experiences but midsize companies don’t have the resources to take advantage of modern technology and human cloud. We believe Odoo Platform offers a great balance of features and benefits with the least amount of technical burden that most ERP platforms ending up creating for mid size companies. Let us help you figure out how best to achieve your business outcomes using Odoo Platform.

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