ALTANMYA Technology Solutions

ALTANMYA Technology Solutions

ALTANMYA Technology Solutions

Business concept AlTanmya –Technology Solutions is one of the companies within AlTanmya Group that provide technical support to companies. It was founded in 2012 with the mission of becoming a highly professional and trusted provider of innovative technology solutions for government and industry to help our clients achieve a new level of performance. Our strategy Our strategy is to determine and employ the right information and systems technology solutions for your business needs. Our vision To be your solution provider using the right technologies. Our commitment - To lower your IT costs - To decrease the time you spend managing and maintaining IT - To reduce your IT downtime and increase productivity - To store and protect all your data with complete peace of mind - To get new applications up and running Our services - Advisory Services · Business Solution Advisory · Business Solutions Strategy Development - Implementations Services · Business Solution Implementation · Project Management - Post Implementations Services · Support · Health check · Upgrade - Additional Services · Education & Training · Database Management Service - Engineering solutions · Business Automation · ERP Systems · Networking · Systems Maintenance - Branding solutions · Brand identity · Visual Design · Interactive Design · Content Design & Development · Content Management · (Search Engines Optimization) SEO · Social Media - Marketing Solutions · E Commerce · User Interface & Interactive Design · User Testing & Usability Analysis Industries we serve - Airline - Automotive - Banking - Customs - Electronic and High Tech - Financial Services - Insurance - Media and Entertainment - Non-profit - Public Service and Government - Retail - Telecommunications - Travel Our team We have a team of professional engineers who are experts in designing, building and delivering business-driven technology solutions that will elevate your business to the next possible heights. They are talented and combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership, and they all held Academic (PhD, Masters) and professional certificates.

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