Appalach supports you in setting up Odoo. We support you at all stages of setting up your tools: Analysis of your needs and advice on the acquisition of modules , Configuration and specific developments, Resumption of your data (catalogs, DB customers, etc.), Training and support for your team. We can also audit and document your internal processes and procedures so that they gain clarity and efficiency with your team. Our philosophy The customer and the user at the center of concerns. Because good software is time-saving software that is used correctly and fully. Thanks to the ergonomics of Odoo and our support, your teams will be quickly productive. Quick results. IT projects can sometimes take a long time to set up, which can lead to frustration and loss of energy. This is why we favor a “ smart project ” approach: a succession of small steps bringing additional modules or functionalities within a short time. This brings dynamism to the relationship you have with us, a learning process that takes place in a series of small jumps and better control of deadlines. A budget under control. The needs and resources of an SME can vary. With a price per Odoo module and with our “smart project” approach, you have complete control of your budget and you see the results of your investment directly. A quick and profitable return on investment. The implementation of an efficient and easy to use management tool will increase the productivity of your team. Coupled with a quick set-up and a fixed budget, your investment will pay off in no time.

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