Applications and Content SA de CV

Applications and Content SA de CV

Applications and Content SA de CV

Here is a brief summary of our approach: We listen to what you're looking for We use agile methodologies with an iterative and incremental approach. We start from best practices in their industry, IT, Communications, Security and Project Management We assign an experienced and creative team we analyze conditions Le alternatives propose and manage Change We ensure that things happen in a timely manner ​ We have experience supporting initiatives and projects of Marketing, Research, Operation, Logistics, Monitoring, Training, Marketing, Entertainment, Forecasting, Administration, Corporate Governance, Fintech, Regtech, etc. And in the word search : ERP, GRP, CRM, GRC, IoT, AI, ML, VR, AR, CPFR, MRP, BI, MVP ... We also develop cartoon and games.

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RFC: ACO1108251S5 Murillo 49 B301 Mixcoac 03910 Benito Juárez DIF Mexico


55 5563-9164



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[email protected]


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