Assetel, SA de CV

Assetel, SA de CV

Assetel, SA de CV

Assetel is a provider of Information Technology (IT) and Internet Services and Solutions with national and international coverage , which supports companies to maximize their productivity, collaboration and operation. We specialize in digitizing companies by using information technologies to increase their productivity and agility. We ensure that your operation is efficient and safe, during and after the implementation of the system with the support of our specialists in connectivity, cybersecurity and cloud. Assetel is the first company in Jalisco that has the TIA-942-B certification for its data center, this certification is recognized and used worldwide for cloud services to raise and ensure the level of availability of services that they allow the continuity of operation of the companies that seek to improve their competitiveness and contribute with quality services from Jalisco to the world, in addition to promoting digital transformation (Industry 4.0) in Mexico. In addition, we have a technical assistance center (TAC), operations center (NOC) and a security operations center (SOC) that operates 7x24x365 that provide support to companies. Our services include: • Connectivity : Dedicated Internet Service • Cibers ecurity : Equipment Management Service (SAE) - Firewall, Switch, Access Point , and IP Telephony • Cloud : CloudSIDE Service - Virtual Machine, Backup, Co-location, Email , DRP, Zoom (collaboration), Odoo (ERP / CRM) Assetel Alliance - Spechi We have a strategic business alliance with the company Spechi Consulting for the development and implementation of Odoo projects , this alliance allows us to offer a comprehensive solution that includes the “gap analysis”, determine the level of technological maturity of the company and the administration and implementation of the project, so our goal is to contribute to the digital transformation of companies in Mexico. Spechi Consulting We are a process management consulting firm (BPM) based in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. In Spechi we believe that human activity is a reflection of the technology used in companies, and vice versa. We see a perfect duality between organizational processes and information systems. We democratize process management among the business community, small and medium enterprises. Spechi uses world-class methodologies, to design the architecture of business processes and their automation, generating high customer value. In addition, it supports a comprehensive management of the implementation project that guarantees success in the use of the tools adopted by organizations. We contribute to the business community in generating value through business processes. We exist to facilitate the first contact with technology and accompany the growth of companies. Our services include: Strategic management consulting: Workshops to generate the company's strategy, with the latest methodologies used by the most innovative companies. • Process Management (BPM): Advice to carry out the design and implementation of the business process architecture. • Technological solutions: Systems to manage the entire administration of small and medium enterprises, from sales, customer relations, finance and operations. • Training: We design programs with cutting-edge methodologies, applied globally, adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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