We implement quality systems to streamline, automate and improve techniques involved in different organizational branches, from commerce and business to education, health and infrastructure. Officially associated with Google, Oracle and SAP as partners, Atrivia is positioned in the IT market as one of the pioneer companies in the Dominican Republic. Vision In Atrivia we look beyond customer satisfaction: we want your company to reach higher levels of productivity and that each investment multiply the results to the maximum. We believe that aspects such as innovation and development can and should be available to any organization, so we strive to make every idea possible. What services does Atrivia offer? Atrivia covers a wide range of services focused on streamlining and improving different stages of the processes involved in the day to day of any organization. These are some of our specialties: BPM Our BPM solutions help your company achieve excellence in business management processes. With a market-leading suite, easy to use and implement, we include optimization and modeling tools to integrate systems, monitor business activity, study particular cases among your customers and offer better products to your consumers. With our BPM solutions, you can assess the status of your business processes faster and you can manage projects from simple to complex processes without complications. In addition, with the use of digital signatures, you will have the peace of mind of exchanging information securely. Virtualization Virtual Compute Appliance systems allow organizations to support cloud services and run applications from an integrated system in their data centers. With this technology, companies can be at the forefront to offer their customers different virtual solutions. The Virtual Compute Appliance is a turnkey solution that is easy to acquire and easy to implement that integrates software-defined network, storage and application resources to enable efficient data center deployments. With our solution, you get an infrastructure that can be scaled linearly, one server at a time. Similarly, our solution provides the unique ability to quickly deploy applications, not just hardware, based on the use of templates, whether downloaded or created by the user. This type of virtualization also fits into existing data centers, supporting the operating systems that your company runs and connecting to your storage choice including our Storage Appliance, NFS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel from other vendors. ERP The success of a company may depend on how well you plan and manage the resources you have. If your organization is small, optimizing the use of your business resources is key to your growth. If your company is older, planning strategies based on business scenarios will make you stand out among competitors. Performing these processes, however, is easier when you have the help of a resource planning software (ERP). The ERP application is the pillar that large and medium-sized companies rely on to provide the best information about their business and optimize operational excellence and innovation. On this pillar you can build the flexible business processes you need today and that will ensure tomorrow's success. Our ERP comes from more than 35 years of experience and more than 43,000 clients worldwide. It delivers powerful functionalities, global orientation and flexible improvement packages to obtain a competitive and sustainable advantage that positions your business towards profitable growth. And at the same time, it supports the automated point-to-point processes that are needed to overcome organizational barriers and extend those business processes to its partners, suppliers and customers. CRM Whether your organization is large or small, with customers across the street or worldwide, to manage sales, marketing and customer service you need a complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Without knowing who your customers are, what they need and how they buy, you cannot be sure that you will have the right products or services at the right time and at the right price. Make better and faster business decisions with advanced analytical capabilities. Offer exceptional customer service with minimal expenses thanks to an integrated virtual contact center. Respond to the specific needs of your customers with specialized sector editions that drastically reduce the costly customization task. In addition, our CRM On Demand is very intuitive and easy to use, so that your team immediately incorporates it into your daily routine. You can count on specialized tools such as:  Complete and innovative sales, marketing and service solutions that maximize your company's results.  Integrated analytics that provide you with the necessary vision to make better decisions. A preconstructed data warehouse that helps you quickly analyze complex information through historical analyzes, which serve to detect trends over time. An integrated virtual contact center that allows you to offer a higher level of sales and service without prior investment in hardware, software and CTI (integration of computer telephony) traditionally needed to create a contact center. Specialized sector editions that help you release more value from your customers without costly customization.  Integration of sales, marketing and administrative activities, which gives you a complete view of your clients and their relationship with your organization. HCM The human capital management systems offered by Atrivia will allow you to have an easy-to-use, intuitive and robust functionality platform at your fingertips that will help your organization execute the four key strategies:  Comply: manage information and processes, payroll, benefits and regulatory / legislative compliance of HR.  Automate: Save time and money with a self-service workflow between employee and management. Measure: Provide metrics and analytical tools to management to deliver information and determine the value of investment in HR.  Align: Offer flexible programs designed to increase the value of the workforce through a wide range of development, performance management and learning applications. Databases Databases allow your organization to store, manage, analyze and share information in ways that suit you. In addition, databases support your valuable information and protect it from attacks, prevent vulnerabilities and safeguard the data of your customers, users, employees and resources. The databases allow government or business organizations to manage their information in a secure, scalable and accessible way. Companies and entities around the world rely on our services as a tool that helps them reach their goals and stand out from the competition.  Avoid loss of information, intruder attacks and comply with regulations with secure and backed up platforms at all times.  Obtain reports in accessible and understandable formats about the status of your company through our intelligent tools for analyzing large amounts of data.  Update the processes that your company needs at the right times with the simple interpretation of information through our configurable systems and ready to be provisioned. SCM Faced with the challenges of the connected world and the demand of the market, supply chain management (SCM) solutions are a valuable tool that allows organizations to take their products where they are needed precisely and without inconvenience that endanger Your company's earnings. Supply chain management applications help you use the information to improve key process processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and delivery.  Customization: adapt your supply chain globally with our applications that predict market requirements.  Costs: stay competitive despite market changes with the information available at all times to make the necessary decisions.  Scalability: focus on growing your business while our SCM solution takes care of adapting in response to your needs.  Security: keep your information safe, accessible and supported at all times. CLM Shorter product life cycles, global competition, complexity in the supply chain and more demanding customers have made launching winning products to the market a bigger challenge than ever. Therefore, having the help of a product lifecycle management (PLM) software will make this process successful. Our solutions for product lifecycle management allow businesses to accelerate innovation and maximize the profitability of their products, managing the information, processes and decisions of their products throughout their life cycle and their global network of products. products. With a wide range of applications and implementations focused on time and value, we provide the most detailed PLM solution in the industry. Product Lifecycle Management software provides you with a single registration system to manage product information and maximize your profitability. With PLM, technology is your ally to plan the processes of each of your products or services, from the initial idea to success.  Manage the catalog of your products to have all the information at hand. Obtain visibility of the information to track from the production chain to the sale of its products or services.  Know in detail the processes of the life cycle of your products, to have the vision that allows you to make decisions in your organization.  Share processes to the people responsible for assigning tasks in a more organized way.

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