Blackware Technologies Inc

Blackware Technologies Inc

Blackware Technologies Inc

We are not your average IT solutions integrator. We will become your technology business partner with whom you will achieve your most ambitious strategic goals. We'll get you out of your comfort zone by modernizing your work methods and you'll love it. We work mainly with companies in the construction vertical, meaning from the iron mine to the general contractor while going through the tool distributor and the architect. We have also developed complementary expertise in the manufacturing sector by visiting different manufacturers in the field. Our customers are your customers and your suppliers. Therefore, our team of passionate business architects will speak the same “language” as you, allowing for effortless discussions regarding your transaction cycle, your competition, your challenges, your business objectives as well as the future of your market. Our speech focuses on your business needs, not only on the underlying technology. This allows us to offer tailored technological solutions to respond immediately to future threats in your market. For us, technology is simply a tool to propel the business strategy, not the other way around. The integration of an ERP solution, such as Odoo, supported by a technological strategy and maintained by the best working methods, is a guarantee of success.

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