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http://odoo-iraq.com Because your project deserves to be developed with the best modern technologies, that's why we at Dash Solutions are all working to provide the best service from the first moment you communicate with us. With our keenness to provide the best quality and professionalism in our work, we have the ability to assimilate well to your business, your needs and your goals for short and long term, then we employ our expertise to create a customized solution that guarantees the achievement and satisfaction of those goals and needs. For more than ten years we have worked with everyone, from small startups to global projects, helping every individual to make the most of the benefits of modern technologies. During our trip, we learned a lot about the best ways to help business owners like you accomplish technical projects, and to mix our proven, proven methods with the latest innovations and creations. Proven success in multiple areas From our headquarters in Iraq, our team of programmers worked with organizations around the world including clients in Turkey, Jordan, and others. We are proud to use our expertise to help public and private sector projects overcome the challenges they face. ? odoo why system At the business level * Less time to perform operations * A comprehensive system for all aspects of work * No need for help programs * Making the most of human resources * Reducing administrative and procedural errors At the technical level * No license to use Abundance of specialists in developing and managing the system * Reduced development and adjustment costs * Reduced operating costs and requirements Easy user interface The human factor The system helps managers to apply modern concepts and laws to conduct business, which is reflected in the performance of employees within the company * Address and improve administrative performance * Improve employee productivity Reducing human errors * Application of business rules * Defining responsibilities for each employee * Communication and interaction between employees to support the stages of growth The system is designed in a way that meets the future growth needs of the company on many levels, through the multiple system divisions and the horizontal and vertical expansion characteristics of companies * Add new sections * Add new branches * Adding new companies * Expansion of accounts * Support more than one currency * Support more than one language

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