Datrix Ingenieria SpA

Datrix Ingenieria SpA

Datrix Ingenieria SpA

DATRIX INGENIERÍA SPA is a company with more than 20 years dedicated to providing comprehensive computer services that include design, development and implementation of information, communications and data systems; data and information management: electronic invoicing, digitalized document registration, statistical analysis of surveys, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and training services in the subjects described. Our company has a team of professionals made up of industrial, statistical and electronic civil engineers and commercial engineers and auditor accountant. With continuous work in software development and continuous improvement processes, being its main technological partner Entel Ocean and where it participates in its digital ecosystem with integrator of solutions to companies in South and Latin America. Nowadays, we have incorporated, in our work, the “Odoo ERP” management software, to deepen support for the company, through this integrated application management system.

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