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ebit, founded in 2009, provides business and technology solutions for institutions, helping clients select and implement the best tools to achieve their business needs, and to integrate services features fully into their operations – crucial given the speed and flexibility of response required by the Internet and mobile enabled business models. ebit deploys a range of professional services to automate and streamline IT services. Today, ebit' success is largely attributed to its understanding to its markets, by working closely with its customers, advising them to adopt the international standards, while addressing their local requirements. Our strengths are our professionalism, flexibility and superb technical skills. Our development approach ensures a rich spectrum of features in our software reflecting customers’ actual workflow. Moreover, ebit solutions and development are highly parameterized so clients can quickly put to use features they need with minimal time, effort and cost. ebit owns a group of capabilities supported by practical experience in Telecom industry, we provide the best practice in Telecom sector through business strategies perusing to enrich our customers added value to lead their competition markets and support their customers as a partnership basis. OBJECTIVE​​ Our objective has always been to provide state-of-the-art products and services, and to realize the best possible returns for our client’s technology achievable anywhere. VISION​​​ To ensure our growth by achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction, never compromising on the integrity of our approach, or on enhancing our technical strengths. As critical as products and technologies are, nothing is more important to ebit success than the ability to build and preserve strong and lasting relationship with both partners and customers. MISSION​​ We are committed to provide our customers with high quality IT products &Consultancy Services to give them business advantage. Our aim is to broaden our activities, meet customers’ expectations and grow our human capital. VALUES · CLIENT FOCUS: Our clients are our partners and their interests and needs are our utmost priority. We focus on providing them with the best solutions that fulfil their exact needs. · COMMITMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: We are reliable and consistent with our clients and partners. Our clients can trust that we are committed to and accountable for delivering their requirements with passion and diligence, excellent quality, on time and on budget. · INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY: We strongly believe that integrity and transparency are the key factors in dealing with all our stakeholders. We always seek to communicate honestly and humbly and to do what is fair. · INNOVATION & CHANGE: We are a team of investigators, inquirers, researchers, analysts and developers stimulating innovation in the way we do business with our clients. We embrace and drive constructive change in our business. · PEOPLE & TEAMWORK: We motivate, reward, and invest in our human capital, the most important asset of a successful business. We encourage positive team spirit, learning, and growth. We drive our teams to deliver on commitments while having fun in the process. · EXCELLENCE: We discover and define, we measure and analyse, we create and polarise, and we monitor and control, and that's how we achieve the pinnacles of excellence.

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