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eComchain Inc

eComchain is Cloud-based eCommerce platform hosted on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Its unique offering is its B2B2C model, first of its kind for Manufacturers, Distributors / Dealers and end Consumers for various verticals of the business. With eComchain, a manufacturer can reach out to a network of dealers and distributors on the eComchain's B2B eCommece platform. These network of dealers and distributors can in turn reach out to their end consumers through their branded specialized sites on the same eComchain platform hosted by the manufacturer. Our current clientele includes largest mattress manufacturing companies around the globe, steel building manufacturers, nationally known garage door manufacturers, organization that sells protective gears to FBI, US Army and other Federal agencies. eComchain is pre-integratedd with Odoo for companies in the manufacturing, general trading, distribution, education, communication verticals and have helped our clients look for options other than popular ERP applications available in the market. Our 24X7 follow-the-sun support model has been the most popular service offering along with scalable, robust eCommerce features that integrates with Odoo's modules such as Inventory Management and Order Management. eComchain is a global company with a presence in the United States, Canada, UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia and India. With 200+ skilled resources in different technologies at our Global Delivery Center based in US & India, eComchain has been able to design, develop and deploy an eCommerce site, with end-to-end integration to Odoo in less than 12 weeks. eComchain headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Here's why eComchain is different from the rest, specially in Manufacturer-Distributor-End Consumer ecosystem

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