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Who we are The edoo.me is a company formed by teams with high level of technical knowledge and business. Professionals specializing in ERP environments for over 15 years. The edoo.me help companies solidify their processes using Odoo as a management tool base of your business. Talk to our team today, we are ready to help you. We serve the most diverse types of markets and businesses, with strong operations throughout Brazil and the United States of America, edoo.me is a reference of serious work and focusing on the quality of the work performed. We specialize in Brazilian localization in Odoo. Electronic Invoice Generation (Products and Services) Availability Account Management (Cashiers and Banks) Bank slip and electronic remittance files Accounting and Management Reports Integration with third party system Process mapping using control applications (MRP, Helpdesk, CRM and others) We specialize in American localization in Odoo. Suitability for quality processes and electronic transactions with US federal services Process mapping using control applications (MRP, Helpdesk, CRM and others) English Training and Support Business hours appropriate to customer time zone You Don't Worry About Infrastructure for Your System We have robust environments and create instances within minutes for your use. Daily backups stored on our servers High Availability Online Access 99.99% Creating Test Environments for training and proof of concept in new features Schedule a demo today with our service, learn more how your company can evolve in its processes and at low cost. Please email or call our team and we will be available to answer your questions.

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