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Hexa Business Transformation Services was founded with the core objective to provide public and private sectors across the globe with best-in-class IT services and Enterprise Business Solutions that will help clients to strengthen and transform their businesses. Hexa BTS is strategically positioned, as a Global ODOO Partner, to transform, design, implement and maintain your ERP solutions efficiently and cost effectively. We will modernize your legacy ERP system by implementing ODOO enterprise, a revolutionary new standard for ERP software. Business Outcome • Significantly enhance the functionality and productivity of your ERP systems, improving ROI as we unlock legacy data and make it available to stakeholders across the enterprise. • Streamline and harmonize your ERP business processes to improve performance, agility and efficiency and reduce burdensome maintenance costs. • Simplify and integrate your ERP platform to enable you to seamlessly adopt modern technologies, such as social media and mobile devices, giving customers, employees and partners access to real-time information anytime and anywhere. Hexa BTS continues to develop & design innovative and cutting edgeEnterprise Software Solutions, Business Transformationthat target various industry verticals which includes: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, EC&O, Healthcare,Media & Advertising, Education, Retail & Wholesaleand encompassing consultancy to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. Our Office locations Headquarters: UAE Al-Fahim Building, Emirates Motors #229 Mussafah M5 Abu DhabiPO Box :26782 O: +971 25581915 C: +971 553353455 F: +971 25591914 http://hexabts.com email: [email protected] Muscat Oman. P.O Box: 913,PC 131 O: +968 24 490694 F: +968 24 490231 email: [email protected] India Deluxe Apartments & Buildings Co (DABC). 2nd Floor, Dev’s Ark 284/1B, Old MahabalipuramRoad,Kottivakkam, Chennai-600096, India O: +91 4443009656 email: [email protected]

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Al-Fahim Building, Emirates Motors #229 Mussafah M5 Abu DhabiPO Box :26782 26782 Abu Dhabi AZ United Arab Emirates




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