Hala Ken seeks to generate profitability to its investors through loyal practices and innovation that arises from the quality and great will of the staff that makes it up. The projects developed and executed by Hala Ken Consulting are carried out by people of very high academic level, with recognition in their areas of work, experience, always being at the forefront through new ideas, global trends and training, thus seeking to be the best company in the bouquet The name is taken from the Mayan culture, they thought that we are all an integral part of a single gigantic organism and all relationships will be based on tolerance and flexibility, and man will feel the other men as another part of themselves. . The Mayans expressed that concept of unity in their daily greeting, "In LaK'ech", which means: "I am another you", and the answer "Hala Ken" which means: "you are another me". At Hala Ken we believe that the only way to understand and solve the needs of our clients is through unity, forming a single work team focusing efforts towards the same objective, treating it as if it were part of us, as if it were another self. .

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