In Humanytek we know that companies have a very clear objective, to earn money , and it is based on this that we determine our service offer. What good is an excellent system such as Odoo if it is not possible to operate with the speed and efficiency that your market demands, that is why our methodology proposes as a primary objective that our clients achieve their maximum current possible performance. What to expect from an implementation project with Humanytek? 1. Start operations on the defined date or before without removing any scope agreed in the economic proposal. 2. Cover all areas of the company . 3. Sustain the implementation with total freedom once operations with the ERP have been initiated without forced contracts. 4. Establish all processes and policies for the operation of the company for a fast operation . Humanytek, since 2009 the first Odoo Partner in Mexico, with Guadalajara Jalisco headquarters , office in Hermosillo Sonora and with personnel located in Monterrey , Toluca State of Mexico and Chihuahua , locations selected to cover the national territory by qualified personnel.

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