Indboo S de RL de CV

Indboo S de RL de CV

Indboo S de RL de CV

Time is the duration of beings that have a finite existence. In general, during our existence, we dedicate most of our time to something that has little value in our lives. In a company, only 5% of what we do is of value, the rest will only be activities or processes necessary or unnecessary to achieve the objectives. Why not value our time and use it better? For example, to be more with the family, take care of our health or enjoy the world more. At Indboo, we know that time is money, and technology can buy it. Welcome to Indboo. We are passionate about innovation and technology, because we believe that by applying them we can reduce the time we use in things that do not generate value. At Indboo we automate processes and incorporate digital intelligence into business, together with our allies and their customers we create better solutions for everyone. Let technology work more for us and use our time to enjoy life more. TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF PEOPLE

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ALBERTO CARRERA TORRES #7909 32679 Ciudad Juárez 32317 Mexico




+52 ‭(656) 442-9367‬

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