Integra Tec, SA

Integra Tec, SA

Integra Tec, SA

Our company is dedicated to providing consulting services for the implementation and integration of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BI (Business Intelligence) software technologies. We help companies to implement integral solutions to solve their business management problems and needs, through the use of these technologies. Founded in 2012, based on the extensive experience of a group of IT professionals in successful software technology integration projects, both in Guatemala and in other countries such as: Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil, we have been working with small companies and medium of the commercial sector, importers and local (retailers / wholesalers), and from 2015 we started supporting the industrial and export sector (manufacturing / maquila) in their production processes. We guarantee the total integration of the business operation into a single system, to provide the basic and complete information to effectively manage and analyze the business. Our service portfolio includes: ERP Odoo commercial software (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation consulting services. Consulting services for development of adaptations and additions (Ads-Ons) to the ERP. Local support services and problem solving. Consulting services for redesign of business processes. Software for BI (Business Intelligence). Implementation consulting services. Consulting services for development of reports and management indicators. Consulting services for the development of data warehouse platforms. We have had good results helping our clients to solve their particular and similar problems, so we are in the best disposition to share our experiences and results in solving these business and other challenges.

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