IT as a Service Co , Ltd

IT as a Service Co , Ltd

IT as a Service Co , Ltd

With over 20 years of experience of the company founders Which has passed the experience as an IT system service provider And is a consultant to various companies As well as presenting IT solutions that are suitable for customers To enable the customer's organization to make good use of IT systems But most will use the perspective of Technology rather than the perspective of the use of staff in that organization The founders have spent more than 10 years working in the position of IT manager for a leading company in Thailand. To acknowledge the management perspective as a technology system user It made him aware of the customer's viewpoint as an IT Solution provider that sometimes modern technology doesn't always answer to every company. Needs from the perspective of users And the type of business also needs to be considered an important part as well With experience of both service providers and users for over 20 years, the founders have seen The importance of applying technology into Truly part of the organization's work so it will be useful Organizations whose leaders use the views of employees too much Will make that organization lag behind in the use of technology to benefit Many small and medium-sized organizations overlook the importance of using technology just for the reason that they currently work. Not a problem Why do technology make chaos to use? But the small, medium, and large size of the business world is changing all the time. The expanding cooperation of various economic zones, including the AEC, is good for those looking for opportunities. But it was a bad consequence for those who stood still, not taking advantage of the opportunity

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