Ixaya Business S A de C V

Ixaya Business S A  de C V

Ixaya Business S A de C V

Ixaya is a technology research and development company with highly trained professionals, generating cutting-edge technologies for the growing needs for optimization of global industries. For more than 13 years, we have developed high-level software, generating solutions and achieving certification and recognition by prestigious banking and corporate entities, thus realizing safe and effective banking. The pragmatic working methodology that we have in Ixaya allows us to present, in a clear and simple manner, all the process from the initial proposal to the development and implementation. Ixaya works under the Lean Six Sigma methodology and has Black Belt level certified staff. Ixaya recognizes that has in its hands the responsibility and opportunity to be an agent of change, so we have the Carbon Neutral certification, that means we counteract one hundred percent of our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere. Through our BBB(SM) (Better Business Bureau) Certification we confirm to our customers the commitment we have to provide the best products and services ensuring our response to any disagreements that may arise. In Ixaya we have a set of tools, consultants and expert analysts in a number of areas of information technology, which allow us to offer consulting and technical support to deal with any eventuality.

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