Jarsa Sistemas, SA de CV

Jarsa Sistemas, SA de CV

Jarsa Sistemas, SA de CV

Having an ERP has never been so simple! Awarded the Best Partner award in Latin America 2016 for our quality, we customize the Odoo ERP quickly and easily , which makes us the best option for your company. Located in Torreón, Coahuila we have a privileged geographical location that makes us the best in northern Mexico . What makes us your best choice? Own modules: TMS - Transportation and Fleet Administration. MRO - Management M antenimientos, R Repairs not and O peration machinery, transportation and fleet. Project Control - Administration of construction projects. Conekta - Collections online using Odoo. Extended Mexican Localization - Extra functionalities to standard billing: import request billing, foreign trade supplement, addendas, and many more. Strengths: Development and Technology Quality of development Great technical support structure. Quick response. Business processes: Expert consultants in implementations. Great structure to provide functional support. Project Management Precise analysis of your need. Training: More than 5 years of experience in Odoo training. Great capacity to transmit information. That waits? Let us get the best out of your business, contact us.

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Gardenias # 49 Torreón Jardín 27200 Torreon Mexico





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