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Layline Tech was founded on 2015 by business and technology professionals empowered by creative technology experts. With 30 years of experience in management of technology and business, leading technology transformation projects in large enterprises in retail, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and telecom, our “lesson learnt” leads us to find simple and agile solutions offered to our clients. We offer highly integrated end-to-end, digital world ready, cloud-based solution, open source technology with a fresh state-of-mind: simplicity, one app at a time implementation method, agile, low cost and minimal risk. We bring a solid background and proven leadership in development, digital transformation and implementation. A strong combination of strategic thinking, business orientation, technological expertise and process management. Located in a village on the Mediterranean beach, a passionate and committed young team enable professional and rapid transformation projects, with a simple, out-of-the-box ready, user friendly and cost-effective solution. And above all…we enjoy the process while looking at our beach, not missing a good wind or swell …

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