ME ENGINEERING EXPERTISE Sarl is a Consulting & Information Systems firm, notably the Odoo ERP integration, founded in 2013 by professionals in the consulting and information system profession, perfectly mastering the context of Moroccan companies and having a wealth of experience. ground reconciling both local roots and international best practices. In our assets, several dozen successful integration of Odoo ERP within large groups of companies as well as SMEs / SMIs; ( Koutoubia groupe, DELI's, Groupe Paul, Deli's, Cartel group, Groupe Galvamed, Cartel lines, Cartel fluides, Tasnime, Audsl, Agricenter, Alfa mobilier, Inox industrie, Nustristar, AVIXPR, GFC, Somasic, ACMB, Biofeed, Air Métrologie, L2MI, Zitouna floors, Almasteel, Moulins Doukkarat, Construction Management Services, Société d'Aménagement Travaux Marocaine, Riegonor, Maragri, …) Our distinctive element is our multidisciplinary team; our industrial engineers, our management consultants and our IT engineers who master both your trades, organizational management and IT development of Odoo ERP. Target integration activities: + Any type of Industry (Food, pharmaceutical, Wood, Metallurgy, Aeronautics and others…), + Construction and work management + Trade companies, e-commerce + Service Companies + Agriculture and livestock farming + Management of Laboratories, schools, ... + Custom development of any activity Our integration of Odoo ERP affects all areas of business management, our ERP is modular, you choose the modules you need to better manage your business: CRM Customer Relationship Management Purchasing Management + Import file processing Sales management and invoicing Inventory management, multi-warehouse with batch number management, traceability and DLC General Accounting, Analytics, Budget and Cash Management, Remote Tax Return, Tax Package (Balance Sheet), Production, calculation of manufacturing costs, TRS and industrial performance Digitization of ISO 9001/22000 / 14001 quality management systems, QSE, self-quality control CMMS preventive and curative maintenance management Management of works, tenders, contracts and worksites ... Human Resources (Moroccan Payroll, Damancom Tele declaration, State 9421, management of employees and their work contracts, digitalization of administrative documents, leaves, Recruitment, Expense reports, mission orders, car fleet, staff score, timesheet , HR survey, litigation management, HR regulations, etc.) PMO project management developed more than as Ms Project Electronic management of EDM documents Marketing, mass mailing, communication, website, e-commerce and customer portal Processing complaints and customer satisfaction surveys Dashboards and steering (BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE) Interfacing with any other IT solution…

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