MECATIS SA Factory5 platform

MECATIS SA   Factory5 platform

MECATIS SA Factory5 platform

FACTORY5.TECH RETHINKING THE FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY The company MECATIS has for historical know-how the development of products and machines for the industry. It helps companies to migrate to Industry 4.0. It is able to produce intelligent machines, connected according to the Micro5 model or according to new desires and needs. Its multidisciplinary and connected team is able to produce SMART machines. Thanks to its experience and innovative spirit, MECATIS offers solutions to facilitate application and transform the technical and "soft" management of its customers. Thanks to Factory5 and Micro5, MECATIS affirms its innovative experience focused on collaboration and connectivity. By working mainly with the Factory5 platform MECATIS is able to offer solutions outside its field of expertise by seizing the strengths of industrial market experts, users of Factory5. Factory5 has an exclusive partnership with Odoo to bring connectivity to the most ready of machines thanks to the Factory5 IoT Box . This solution, much appreciated by digital entrepreneurs, is adapted by Factory5 to the complex world of the manufacturing industry.

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