Negozziare, S de RL de CV

Negozziare, S de RL de CV

Negozziare, S de RL de CV

We help your company to be better organized, implementing the Odoo system in combination with our experience in administrative and operational processes. We believe that companies must spend more time in their strategy and decision making, than in preparing the information, which allows them to make better decisions. We focus on improving your processes (making them faster and reducing their complexity (maintaining control), as well as supporting cost reduction and improved results. Our services provide a complete solution. In addition to the steps and decisions related to the implementation of an ERP, we work closely with the company to be sure that the results will reach the investment objectives. These results can only be achieved, working in parallel with the operational and administrative processes, to ensure that they are aligned with the system configuration. We have offices in the United States (Massachusetts) and Mexico (Guadalajara through our subsidiary Negozziare, S de RL de CV). And we also have experience implementing ERP projects in other countries (Brazil, Chile, Panama, Canada and Spain). We are experts in locations for Latin America.

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Molina 59 44100 Guadalajara JAL Mexico


+52 33 8421 2022



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