Neobis Business Software Solutions

Neobis Business Software Solutions

Neobis Business Software Solutions

With most business software packages (ERP, CRM, HRM, financial etc.) you are bound to standard functionality that often does not fully meet the (information) needs of a company or organization. In addition, there is usually a desire to integrate existing systems within the new software environment. This is usually a costly affair. Our vision is that business software must be developed and implemented based on the needs and wishes of the client. The starting point must be that a suitable and affordable solution is sought based on the criteria of the customer. At Neobis we therefore work as much as possible with open (source) solutions. A lot of functionality is available on the basis of open source and can be used freely. Odoo is such an open-source solution that Neobis is happy to use. You do not have high licensing costs and you are not tied to one supplier. You only have costs for the remaining customization and for the management and maintenance of the integral solution.

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