Neu Media Technology LLP

Neu Media Technology LLP

Neu Media Technology LLP

Neu Media Technology solves real-world business problems by making IT work for business. Having organically grown from our humble beginnings of developing customized software solutions, we have since established ourselves to be a trusted partner that provides complete business solutions to small and medium enterprises through supporting and improving the effectiveness of their day-to-day operations. Our solution includes Sales Management, Procurement Management, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, and Retail with complete administrative integration with key business operatives such as Human Resource Management and Financial Accounting. We serve clients with a few staff to larger companies with million dollar turnovers across a wide range of industries. One of our key clients includes Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. That said, we strive to form the effective bridge between business and technology to help businesses leverage on technology to help them collaborate better, gather business intelligence and real-time data to make stronger management decisions, and ultimately give them the digital edge to compete more effectively in today’s evolving economy.

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