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Ontash   Sri Lanka

Ontash Sri Lanka

With worldwide headquarters in Rochell Park, NJ, and offices in India as well as Sri Lanka, Ontash is uniquely poised to serve US businesses with cutting edge Odoo ERP technology. Ontash has a 20+ year tech history, steeped in developing software for logistics, database management, data mining, AI, mobile solutions, and CRM. Odoo ERP represents the natural progression for Ontash clients who outgrow piecemeal software packages, and need more sophisticated solutions to manage business operations. And now, Ontash has embraced Odoo ERP, already boasting installations in: hospital, manufacturing/fabrication, service/repair /maintenance and communications sectors. Ontash's Odoo team consists of experienced system architects, project managers and system's specialists, on the ground, to provide personalized support for US clients. Yet with programming resources offshore, Ontash is able to provide simple, intuitive ERP solutions most cost-efficiently.

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Nest-01-8 Orion City, No.752 Dr. Danister De Silva Road Colombo 09 Sri Lanka


+94 114503949



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