OpenDrive Ltda

OpenDrive Ltda

OpenDrive Ltda

We are a consultant with 7 years of experience in Odoo, starting from Openerp 5. Our implementation style goes beyond the simple implementation of an ERP system. Our consultants identify the best way to adjust your business model in Odoo and propose improvements in their processes based on a deep management of the Odoo platform and the experience gained in numerous implementations carried out in different industries. That's why we are the partner you need. OpenDrive is born from the need to have a flexible, reliable, integrated and localized system for Chile. Today, our team and implementations, both nationally and internationally, allow us to offer a quality, efficient and timely service. We propose the best Practices. Backed by a world class ERP. We have an experienced multidisciplinary team of accountants, Industrial, Commercial and Computer Engineers. Our Implementations and our clients guarantee our experience. Odoo is a powerful tool and we teach you how to use it and efficiently manage your resources. We have numerous success stories with 100% clients operating in Odoo (verifiable). Full locationChilena (Tax), Payroll with Previred, Electronic Billing. Point of sale with electronic ticket.

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