PHIDIAS is an IT service company specializing in the study and integration of open source management software. After more than 20 years of experience in the deployment of management solutions for SMEs, the founders of PHIDIAS were able to measure the limits and constraints of proprietary solutions: Licensing costs which weigh heavily on the budget of an SME, The sustainability of the software solution which is too strongly linked to the life or survival of the publishing company, The SME is not "owner" of the software solution, it becomes totally dependent on the publisher, especially in the field of ERP. A study was therefore conducted to respond to very good functional coverage and eliminating the constraints of proprietary applications. This analysis led us to study alternative solutions. We naturally turned to free solutions like Odoo. The maturity and quality of these free applications now allow us to successfully advise, deploy and maintain management solutions that: Ensure that the investment of the SME is exclusively allocated to the integration of the solution in their processes, Assure the company the complete possession (source included) of their solution and thus guarantees him total independence PHIDIAS was therefore born from this choice, its vocation is to assist companies in the study, implementation and adaptation of these management software packages. They respond to the computerization of all of the company's management processes and cover the areas of accounting, commercial management, purchasing, stocks, store management, quality, production, RCMP ( CRM). They are multilingual, multi-currency, multi-company.

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