PT Eka Mitra Solusi

PT  Eka Mitra Solusi

PT Eka Mitra Solusi

Our key consultants have up to 20 years of international experience in Infrastructure and multi ERP implementation, business flow integration and dedicated database (PostgreSQL) expertise. Our Odoo client portfolio is constituted of medium / large sized SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise). We have solid references in advanced manufacturing (jewellery, textile), distribution (from manufacture to end retail points) and international multi-branching accounting (holdings, subsidiaries, multi-branch consolidation). Our consultants are familiar with all the following processes: - Advanced accounting analytic accounting / finance - Costing / COGS - WIP - Procurement / purchasing - Sales processes - Advanced CRM - Advanced warehousing - Advanced manufacturing Lately, our expertise in database scalability and system data integration led us to export our skills and engage business with large entities located in Philippines, France, Germany, Africa and South America. Our team has been providing service for other Odoo integrators meeting specific data size, scalability and performance issues.

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