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• QPS Consultores bases its strength on its extensive experience, success stories and relationship of specialized partners. Providing solutions in which concepts such as: Cutting-edge Technology, Security, Flexibility, User Experience, Usability, Portability and Evolutionary Software prevail. Integrating optimal development into a highly changing market. • We specialize in offering integrated solutions for good management, control, development and competitiveness, optimize time / process, reduce costs, improve communication and results of your government-business. • At QPS Consultores, we care about improving our quality, knowledge, performance and day-to-day management, in order to offer full products and services. Each project requires a high degree of planning and organization to successfully achieve an implementation. Each project generates an entire organizational structure with different responsibilities and tasks to achieve the objectives effectively and efficiently. Implement solutions such as: Models of: single taxpayer, single window, Managers of: Acquisitions, Treasury, Income, Inventories, Payroll, Equity, Planning, Budgets, Accounting, Cadastre, Cartography, Register and licenses, Public works, Drinking water, Public debt, Document management ... etc. MISSION Contribute to the success, productivity, quality and profitability of your Government or Company, developing specialized solutions, focused on the best practices for each sector, stimulating and increasing control, transparency, results, management, as well as the administration of our clients' resources. Providing tools that enhance as well as facilitate daily performance, promoting the measurement of results, through innovation and technological quality, providing unique solutions. VIEW Keep in a process of continuous improvement that stimulates the growth of our customers, improving our products, uses of new technologies and hardware, keeping us at the forefront of technology together. Consolidate within the market as one of the best alternatives of administration and management in software, which allows continuous improvement, through the close union with our highly trained and motivated team, taking our clients together to the cusp. OBJECTIVE Offer you the best technological solutions in Software: planning, organization, structuring, operation and control. Identifying, strengthening and mitigating the weak points found, allowing continuous improvement. Stimulating high productivity, results and your success.

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