Restyn, Inc

Restyn, Inc

Restyn, Inc

CONNECTIONS MADE WITH CONFIDENCE Restyn offers you an all access pass to solve your most important business challenges. We are all about access: access to the best local tech talent, access to flexible resources and access to forward-thinking management consulting and human capital services. We provide you the support you need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions and create scalable solutions. WE WORK DIFFERENTLY Our goal is to operate as an organic part of your team and use our extensive experience to accelerate your business, empower and motivate your people, and deliver customer-focused, high-integrity outcomes. So you gain value for your business right from the start, we align our iterative, agile process with your goals and culture. We work closely with your people to break silos, create productive communication and data usage, and overcome obstacles impeding your business. Our engagements don’t stop with a specific deliverable – we help you measure your return on investment and plan for future opportunities and growth. WE CREATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES USING TECHNOLOGY We consider every dollar you spend on technology as if it were our own. Restyn cuts through the obscurity of your vendor jungle, helps you implement and integrate technology solutions, and puts your data to meaningful use. Your platform, your software, and your systems are all opportunities to enable your people to create sustainable growth outcomes. Founded by a proven CIO, Restyn has solved the technology vision and transformation challenges you face. OUR PROFESSIONALS KNOW WHAT WORKS WHEN DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE We listen, we learn, and we pay close attention to all your resources, your customer data, and what is working in the marketplace. Our team enables your people with new processes, better uses of technology, and custom-fit solutions. Just as important, our teams nurture buy-in and grassroots innovation at every step of the engagement. WE HAVE OUR FINGERS ON THE PULSE OF MAJOR INDUSTRIES Our people have their fingers on the pulse of major industries and deep connections with top talent. They are seasoned leaders who know what matters and what works when driving business performance. We bring powerful ideas to amplify your organization's efforts. Through hard work and a solid foundation of core principles we help lift organizations by the organic power of the teams and technologies they build. To learn more about us and our services, visit

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