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Youxin Electronics focuses on component distribution, China's largest supply chain market, and is a practitioner of vertical e-commerce. Since the launch of the industry's first online ordering platform in 2011 , Core Electronics has been based on transactions, service-oriented, and has been dedicated to customers. It has set a new standard and is committed to "opening the last mile of the supply chain", making icHub an end customer of "accurate supply." "Service Platform. icHub is a one-stop service platform for the IoT IoT of the component industry independently developed by Core Electronics . The platform is based on a strong product library, providing nearly 3 million SPU product information, including ECCN and overseas code data accumulated for many years , publishing ten million-level SKU supply information, and linking the end customer's material library and storage data to facilitate the terminal Users send and track various R & D and supply requirements and feedback in real time. As an industrial Internet platform, icHub not only distinguishes users from customers, provides functions such as one-click login and one-click import, but also provides BOM and quality control services. A core electronic service electronic equipment for many years as one day end customers, gained 7 more than million customers, 5 more than Wan suppliers, 50 Wan a person who is pulse. icHub site daily queries 5 million times, monthly shipments of nearly 2 Wan items. By vigorously developing the "three generations and one warehouse" supply model of agency, purchasing, consignment, and inventory, Core Electronics strictly controls quality and logistics services, and builds its own component testing center to ensure that it provides customers with high-quality real-time price comparisons and online quotes . Youxin Electronics has more than 200 employees. Its headquarter is in Shenzhen Futian International E-commerce Park, its operation center is in E-commerce Park in Mianyang High-tech Zone, Sichuan, and it has branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi'an and other places. "For the customer, you have the core!" Based on R & D, focusing on service, the customer is supreme. While introducing foreign mainstream brands, it vigorously promotes domestic brands and is committed to becoming their professional marketing partner. service items l Information: 300 Wan SPU basic product information, including extended information Customs Code, ECCN , query parameters l Market supply: supply information of tens of millions of SKUs , 300 million stocks in stock, more than 30 overseas brand authorized agents, more than 50 domestic brand authorized agents, exclusively for BOM supporting services lQuality control logistics: order online, professional testing and logistics warehousing l BOM management: supporting, discontinuation, replacement and other services, cost analysis and forecast l Smart website: one-click login, one-click import, multi-organization and user management, real-time inquiry and tracking inquiry for quotations and orders l Terminal cooperation: docking of material warehouse and warehousing data, disclosure of supply channels and prices, accurate and real-time supply Strength base l Service first: serve customers, how fast and save, genuine goods, small profits but quick turnover l Professional and timely: more than 200 employees, working three shifts to serve customer needs as soon as possible l Long history: more than 20 years of experience and resources l Honor: the ISO9001 certification, industry "best business platform," Shenzhen Semiconductor Association

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