Shenzhen Zhilian Technology Co , Ltd

Shenzhen Zhilian Technology Co , Ltd

Shenzhen Zhilian Technology Co , Ltd

Shenzhen Zhichain Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the application of odoo in the field of supply chain. The core team consists of supply chain industry experts from well-known companies such as IBM and Lenovo and technical experts from well-known Internet companies. It has world-class supply chain management, enterprises Practical experience in IT system consulting, development, and implementation, and has extensive technical experience in big concurrency, big data, and cloud computing. We have odoo-based implementation cases and mature solutions in supplier relationship management (SRM), fourth-party logistics management (4PL) and other directions. We also provide design and development of odoo-based enterprise EPR systems and industry application solutions. , Consulting, implementation consultants, technical support and maintenance services. Case Study: MRO Procuring Digital Solutions For large and medium-sized enterprises, help enterprises with lower investment to promote the transformation and transformation of procurement business, and obtain direct benefits of reducing costs and increasing efficiency Direct earnings: Price reduced by 10% ~ 30%, manpower saved by 30% ~ 60%, purchase cycle shortened by> 3 days Change & Transformation: The transformation from decentralized procurement to centralized procurement Transformation from transactional purchase to strategic purchase Transformation from passive responsive procurement to active service procurement Transformation from executive to operations Solution advantages: On-demand: Based on open source ERP ranking No. 1 in the world, with strong expansion capabilities, it can easily respond to the complex and changing business scenarios of enterprises Safe and reliable: Independent systems of buyers and suppliers are connected through the Internet, supporting multiple deployment methods of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud Interoperability: open platform to connect with buyer systems, supplier systems, third-party e-commerce, logistics service providers High integration: Rich interfaces seamlessly integrate with customer ERP, OA, finance and other systems Low investment: Cloud-sensitive hosting can be used for price-sensitive customers Quick results: mature solution, can be quickly landed, the fastest deployment only takes two weeks to go online

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