Grupo Sincro, is an organization that develops solutions that support and favor the digital transformation of our clients. Our services are oriented by the motto "we work with the client, not for the client". This allows us to establish a synergistic and solid interaction with our clients, which makes the processes of identification of improvement opportunities and design and implementation of solutions more effective. In business every decision positively or negatively affects the results - profit. In the first instance, the challenge for Management is to specify the relationships that exist between the Income Statements, the contributions of the product / service mix and the hierarchy of costs and revenues associated with the performance of the operational processes. With this, Management determines the health of the business. In the second instance, the challenge for the Management regarding the management of business improvement or strengthening initiatives lies in specifying the relationships that exist between the market, the customers, the product, the processes, the suppliers and the competition. This leads to more rational decision-making, where the improvement of competitiveness is market-oriented and supported by the contribution approach. The digital transformation solutions we offer are comprehensive, since they address the business problem from the strategic levels - Financial statements and contribution analysis - to the operational levels - process performance and Service / Cost relationship -, seeking long-term improvements and high returns on investment (ROI). The commitment to our clients is authentic and we do not skimp on quality and professionalism, to meet and exceed your expectations about our services.

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