SIT definition We offer implementation and integration of business solutions for effective control of internal business processes, both in Business Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Analysis for decision making (Business Intelligence) . The ERP is a comprehensive business management system that is designed to model and automate most processes in the company. Implementation of RFID Technologies. Implementation of Supply Chain Management Tools. Manufacturing Systems Implementation. Implementation of Bar Codes. Integration with CRM platforms. Consulting in WareHouse Management (Inventory Management and Logistics). Customer Relationship Management CRM is a corporate philosophy that seeks to understand and anticipate the needs of existing customers and potential customers. • Implementation of CRM for Relational Marketing. • Advanced Customizations. • Integrations to Existing Systems. • Integration with Contact Center (Call Center). • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics. • Implementation of Analytical CRM (Business Intelligence). Business Intelligence is a variety of applications and technologies to obtain, store, analyze, share and provide access to data to help business users make better decisions. • Implementation of KPI and ScoreCard Systems. • Construction of ETL (Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading). • Implementation of OLAP Tools. • Data Mining Data Mining Implementation. • Development of Advanced Reports. SIT generally provides during the life cycle of a project a planning of hours to be used and in this way ensure the quality of the deliverables as well as comply with the time and cost guidelines. At the end of a project, our organization offers the guarantee services according to the international standards normally accepted, complementing it with complementary support plans that make our organization the leading company in customer service. Value added during project implementation: Category Description Analysis and reengineering of processes. Project administration. Platform installation and configuration. Training and training. Technical assistance and support. Post implementation support. Related process consulting. Update new versions. Implementation of third party solutions. Development of complementary solutions and reports. Supplementary support contract. The “complementary maintenance” post-implementation support service regularizes the level of service expected by the client as a complement to the sales contract, installation and implementation of the business solution. Among the most important aspects to highlight are: The telephone attention. Consultation and Clarifications Included. Response time according to the priority of events. Intermediation with the Manufacturer for troubleshooting. Correction levels and correction packages on additional functionalities. The remote support. Inclusion of Consultant Hours. Other services included. POST IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT Post implementation added value: • Warranty services. • Supplementary support services. Added value over manufacturer: • Diagnosis and sale of licenses. • Sale renovations and manufacturer support. • License rental. SIT is the first business partner to offer Cloud Ready solutions in the Market in which we have a presence, our solutions are complemented with specific solutions to complement the needs of our customers. Complete Cloud Ready solutions for ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence. Complete solutions by Industries. Reduction of IT costs and complexity while receiving maintenance and free updates on your solution. Freedom to customize and create solutions that meet every need of your company. Local support and experience with specific industry knowledge. Cloud Ready platform for rapid growth, guaranteed availability at 99.5% 24/7/365 support available.

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