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Smart coding

Smart coding

In Smart Coding our mission is to share our knowledge and experience in the field of ERP systems implementation. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the development of business solutions. We successfully implement digital service models that generate value through increased sales, cost optimization or cost savings. In Smart Coding we are dedicated to implementing service models that take advantage of our software manufacturing capabilities , solution implementation (ERP, CRM), IVR's and Call Centers implementation to deliver services that are measured and billed through Service Level Agreements (SLA's) ) . As a Software Producer, our mission is the creation of value applications for our end users. Focused on satisfying your particular needs, providing for this purpose easy-to-use tools and functionalities that benefit your life. As a Development Study, our mission is to share with our clients our knowledge and experience in the field of web and mobile application development. Reduce riskof your investment through early and continuous deliveries of value software, with the aim of obtaining prompt feedback from your market. Thus, through agile methodologies, we can adjust and adapt the software to the real needs of the users, thus providing a competitive advantage to our customers.

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