Soltein SA de CV

Soltein SA de CV

Soltein SA de CV

We are an adaptive, efficient and responsible company, where innovation brings the future to the present, and creation turns engineering into art. Value proposal Improve your business ensuring greater dynamism, access to real-time information, integration with legacy systems and automation of your business processes. Corporate philosophy • The management of our company has as a Starting Point a Strategic Plan, designed based on our own capabilities and the needs of potential customers. • The decision map of our Company is based on facts, considered objectively. • Our assets are constantly evolving, adjust to the needs of our customers and the factors that act in our environment. • Transparency, quality and social responsibility are elements of our business ethics. Building the Utopia We take your business to the cloud, turning traditional methods into collaborative development spaces on the internet. Social networks and the Internet of things. Values Innovation, independence and productivity, professional ethics, good relations with the environment, competitiveness, adaptability, customer focus, quality makes our difference Products and services ● Infrastructure Diagnosis. ● Business Consulting (Business Architecture). ● Consulting in eGovernment. ● Online Business Consulting. ● ERP solutions based on Odoo. ● Mobile Application Development integrated to Odoo

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DIAMOND AVE 2583, VICTORIA FORES Corporate Diamond, Bosques de la Victoria. 44540 GUADALAJARA Mexico





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