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Steersman Company

Steersman helps companies drive more ecommerce revenue via its high-performance online store platform built on top of Odoo. Capable of organizing, managing, and presenting catalogs with 100 to 1,000,000 products, Steersman is the solution of choice for companies that want the best technology and automation for their ecommerce operations. Steersman's proprietary ecommerce system for Odoo works as an Odoo App, without the need to build and maintain integrations. It comes with a sophisticated product information management (PIM) system to organize and manage catalogs - all within standard Odoo interfaces. Features of Steersman's Odoo ecommerce company package include: Scalability to 1,000,000 products with split second page load time Fully indexable URLs for all site pages, including filters; with automation to standardize URLs and avoid duplicates from filter selection sequence Advanced faceted filters for online store product organization Smart search with auto-complete, auto-correct, and auto-suggest functions (allowing admin to manage results via assigning weights to various product parameters) Elasticsearch technology used for catalog data organization to ensure the fastest e-commerce website browsing experience available on the internet Shipping rate shopping and label printing automation for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and more, capable of sending labels directly to printer (standalone application) Product attribute (sizes, ratings, colors, etc.) management and mapping (mapping example: Size "Small" = "S" = "38" = "40") Image management and compression tools to auto-optimize images for online visitor screen needs 95+/100 rating for Performance, and 100/100 for PWA, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO per Google Lighthouse audit Online store orders and entire online catalog and prices are fully in-synch with Odoo ERP PCI compliant credit card payment processing for online users, and for Odoo system admins, without needing external payment processing tools For more information on our Odoo e-commerce system: Companies serviced by Steersman: Distribution Manufacturing E-commerce Software integration services: Needs analysis Implementation Hosting Maintenance Customization Online store design Data architecture, formatting, uploads and migration scripting Additional business support services: User training on Odoo On-demand Odoo user support and data clean-up Data analysis and custom report generation General IT - network, security, workstation config and maintenance Accounting - bookkeeping and accounting data monitoring/auditing in Odoo Marketing strategy and digital marketing fulfilment services Ecommerce data structuring and maintenance Auxiliary HR - payroll setup and administration

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