Suzhou Yizhong Electronic Technology Co , Ltd

Suzhou Yizhong Electronic Technology Co , Ltd

Suzhou Yizhong Electronic Technology Co , Ltd

Suzhou Yizhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It is engaged in software R & D and sales, system integration and development, and provides overall IT outsourcing services. Based on the tenet of keeping the technology ahead, and striving for fine service, based on the existing mature series of products, it has realized the steady expansion of the company's scale, the rational optimization of the organizational structure, the innovation and upgrade of core technologies, the enrichment of the talent team, and the corporate culture Established maturity. At present, it has become a highly competitive supplier of passenger leasing management software, e-government software, business intelligence software and group management and control software, and actively provides excellent solutions for the information construction of government departments, direct agencies and major enterprise groups. In the future, it will take lean development as a blueprint, comprehensively integrate resources, and promote enterprises to create multi-industry, comprehensive, high-end and consultative solutions; continue to innovate technology and product platforms, and efficiently implement service capabilities to promote government departments Upgrade the informationization level of large and medium and small enterprise groups; promote the development and progress of the national software industry. We have the firm confidence to build a first-class technical team with the most social responsibility and market competitiveness. Gradually implement an international brand strategy and actively explore the international market. Repay customers and society with better products and services. MT.18106132916 (WeChat) skype: comlord-yiz

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