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Teuron Srl

Teuron Srl

Teuron srl is a software house based in Prato that has been operating all over Italy since 1993. The team is made up of highly experienced and qualified technical staff: both from people with twenty years of experience in implementing complex ERPs, and from young people trained and skilled in all the most important software technologies. Teuron srl offers complex and technologically advanced software application solutions in addition to the various IT services, largely in the world of management software, thanks to the excellent preparation of the team on business processes and on the regulatory part. Teuron's mission is to be a privileged interlocutor for companies that rely on IT services and above all believe that software is a strategic tool for their business and their organization.

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Via Rimini, 27 59100 Prato PO Italy




+39 (0) 574 870371 - 870372

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