We live in a highly globalized and digitized world, characterized by the role played by technological tools, informatics and digital spaces in today's business ecosystems. TICube was born with the mission of integrating Information Technology to these businesses to encourage them to reach their goals and meet their needs using these tools, taking advantage of the best benefits they can offer and giving them key advantages that differentiate them from the competition. In TICube we believe that it is necessary to have the appropriate technological tools and guide them to the individual business models that each of the organizations have. It is not only about acquiring the cutting-edge technological tools that exist in the market, it is about knowing, valuing, planning and implementing appropriate strategies that, combined with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), allow to achieve the great benefits that come on the way into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are in a time to break paradigms, and it is TICube's vision to generate and offer complete solutions aimed at bringing Industry 4.0 to each of our clients. Integrated by professional consultants in the technological field, We firmly believe in three great values ‚Äč‚Äčthat govern our work culture and value proposition: Professionalism, before the client, the quality and fulfillment of the work as well as the treatment of our employees; Effort, to meet and reach the expectations of our allies and grow with a philosophy of continuous improvement; Teamwork, knowing that the best results result from collaborative work, where all stakeholders participate.

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