Udoo Hefesto Tecnologia Ltda

Udoo   Hefesto Tecnologia Ltda

Udoo Hefesto Tecnologia Ltda

The company is made up of professionals with extensive theoretical and practical experience in information technology and in business areas such as administration and marketing. Active in the national and international market, serving the most diverse market segments. We are Odoo.sh developers and have mastered industrial automation technology 4.0. We are always aware of the constant changes related to technology and its applications for different companies and their needs. With creativity and commitment we create innovative and adherent solutions; resulting in projects that meet our customers' needs and wants, we like to solve problems and create new experiences. Our goal is to transform the world with intelligent digital solutions, providing ease and agility in the recording of information of the most varied processes. In a reality where time is money, it can also be concluded that luxury is time, which is why we create innovative solutions for our customers to make use of smart technologies that eliminate rework, bring more productivity and quality of life. All of this happens centrally, with no need for multisystem contraction and no high investment. We believe that technology, when well used, provides great results. Our focus is: Helping companies make better use of their resources and thereby achieve high performance.

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R13, No. 3619, Sao Benedito 13506-470 Rio Claro Brazil


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