UNIOSO s r o (Orgis IT)

UNIOSO s r o  (Orgis IT)

UNIOSO s r o (Orgis IT)

Orgis IT is leading provider of business improvement solution, specializing in customized systems, bodyshopping of IT specialists and tailored development. As the only certified Odoo partner in the Czech Republic have experience with providing of IT services as implementation of ERP and CRM systems to all-sized businesses. Our aim is: · to help you improve your business performance by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions which are tailored specifically to your business needs. · to solve the business software problems that many companies face. It includes a powerful ERP system, BI tools and an integration platform to help combine several services. Our project managers use agile development methodologies, we base ourselves on perfect communication with the customers, so you have full control over your whole project. We cooperate not only with Czech customers but also with foreign companies e.g. with customers from Slovakia, Italia, Russia, China, Switzerland, Poland, USA, Ireland etc. We have implemented Odoo for companies in the telecom, manufacturing, e-comerce, services, communication, etc. and helped our clients replace SAP, MS Dynamics, Magento and other systems with Odoo. So if you want to know how Orgis IT can help you and improve your productivity, have a look at our website www.orgis.cz or www.odoois.com , call us today on +420739523669 or email [email protected]

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