Vauxoo is a Latin American company of support, coaching, training, development and implementation services that bases its operational strategy on the massification of free software and its leading product for Odoo business administration. We define ourselves as a company specialized in providing Innovation and Development (R&D) services for Latin American organizations, in the field of advanced business management with information technologies. With more than 6 years of experience we can say that we have all the knowledge, tools and methodologies necessary to efficiently, effectively and effectively support the people with whom we interact, the client community and the social environment. With more than 350 people trained in the last 3 years and with a large number of translations for Latin America, it has allowed us to reach more than 10 countries with our services, and support first-hand the growth of Odoo as software and Vauxoo as a server in the region. In 2009 we achieved the Silver Partner certification and OpenERP Certified Trainer. In 2012 he achieved Gold Partner certification. Our Vision is: To become the best option for Odoo services, which ensures the growth of our clients and our Region, based on solid and stable agreements with our main strategic allies. And we will achieve this by fulfilling our Mission and this is: Provide services, implementation and training of administrative, accounting, financial and operational systems tending to the harmony of the interests of our customers, workers, business partners and society to which we belong. Our Values ​​are: Respect: We consider the importance of respect for fundamental human rights in the execution of our actions. The practice of tolerance, understanding and mutual consideration in the context of differences is the main ingredient in the scope of the success of this company. Teamwork: We value of all those who make up this company the ability to integrate and join efforts towards a common goal, cooperation and companionship that lead to the development of products and services of the highest quality. Justice and equity: We estimate when our people demonstrate balance, harmony, human sensitivity, peace, equity, empathy to grow as excellent human beings in the face of the challenges we face and with which we can establish cordial relationships with which we interact. Creativity: Creativity is for the company a professional duty that inspires us to be innovative, work with dedication, divergent thinking, imagination, with joy and fun to transcend and leave traces in the world. Honesty and Ethics. We value integrity, honesty, ethics, decency, kindness and friendliness for the consolidation of a company that considers good customs.

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Sigma Building, Oficentro Republic Building A, 2nd Floor CP Montes de Oca 11502 San José Costa Rica




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