Xmarts Group Dominican Republic

Xmarts Group   Dominican Republic

Xmarts Group Dominican Republic

Xmarts, as a strategic partner, is a company dedicated to providing solutions in the area of ​​business processes and information technologies to other companies in the search to create lasting business relationships that generate mutual benefits. We have staff located in strategic cities: Guadalajara Mexico. (Offices) Mexico City, Mexico (Offices) Monterrey, Mexico (offices). Sto. Sunday, Dominican Republic (Offices) Quito, Ecuador. (consultants) Celaya, Mexico (consultants) Xmarts has its beginnings in the year 2002 in the city of Guadalajara and that, over time, has built different alliances creating new business units with clients in more than 10 cities. Since its inception, it has specialized in providing all of its business partners with comprehensive solutions in the area of ​​Business Processes and Information Technology, mixing the different solutions in the market for both Free and Proprietary Software. For 14 years, XMARTS has established itself as the head advisor of its business partners in the IT areas, providing solutions such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), development of special models in the area of ​​Software and Unified Communications and Systems for Call Center in the area of ​​communications. We manage cultural change by adopting operation models, so that organizations obtain tangible results in: (-) Reduction of delivery and processing times (-) Reduction of execution errors (+) Performance consistent in results (+) Knowledge transfer through standardized processes (+) Increase customer satisfaction (+) Cultural change (=) Continuous Progress

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