The core activity of Yziact's history is the outsourcing of the IS of our customers, mostly VSEs and SMEs. The historical expertise of our teams lies in securing the network and the company's data, as well as in implementing a sustainable and robust IT infrastructure. Working essentially on the basis of Open Source protocols and languages ​​on which we have a solid and deep mastery, we have taken the step of ERP integration as a logical development of our skills. The ERP Odoo has established itself as the most suitable tool for our client structure by its performance, its sustainability, the power of the federated community around the project, and obviously our ability to adapt and develop modules . The development department of Yziact has been reinforced with the functional skills necessary to manage ERP projects. By collaborating together on your ERP project on the Odoo solution, we assure you the support of a competent partner who listens to your needs, capable of taking care of, in addition to the functional environment, all of your technical environment (network, hardware, etc.). This versatility and the opportunity to have only one transversal and competent IT representative constitutes a major benefit for our customers, creating value by making your IT easier in the broad sense on a daily basis.

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