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Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and active in several international markets, Ascaldera is a go-to name for sophisticated and efficient digital business solutions, consulting and development. Since its foundation in 2011, the company has grown into a team of more than 20 experts on business process optimization, cyber security, secure infrastructure, and data protection. Ascaldera was an authority in the field of GDPR several years before it became an urgent topic. Even more, the company provides corporations and SMEs with its own line of products and services for extremely secure, time-saving data backup solutions - 2CriptTM. The characteristics of the firm - namely, its wide array of expertise, its flexibility, as well as capability for a quick response to the digital business dynamics - are all directed to the R&D department, which frequently supplies its customers with most advanced solutions, developed on blockchain and other emerging technologies. We specialize in telecommunications, Insurance business, healthcare, where we have significant experience on most complex projects. We know the sector so well that we can start working almost immediately, which saves a large amount of time usually needed for training and initiating a contractor. Even more, having in-depth domain knowledge in your sector minimizes language barriers. We speak your language, thus decreasing the likelihood for misinterpretations of specific terminologies. That is why we can efficiently contribute in your process optimization. In short: Ascaldera stands out as a most efficient and creative team of experts who take digital business seriously, and more importantly, it is a company with a big-picture, long-horizon perspective. If you share that vision, get in touch with Ascaldera at [email protected].

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