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Editor is an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals with more than 8 years experience in developing tailor-made Odoo solutions and more than 15 years in the area of web-based business solutions mainly on the Slovenian market, but we also work with many multinational corporations. We have developed a complete set of localization tools and modules to make it easy for any business to start using Odoo on the Slovenian market as their primary ERP. Some modules we developed include Slovenian FURS tax reporting, E-Slog E-invoice support, Travel orders management, Exports for the most common Slovenian Accounting software, Slovenian user documentation and much more. Since we come from an e-commerce solution provider background, we are specialized in integrating different e-commerce solutions with the Odoo ERP workflow. Our special knowledge of different programming languages and server infrastructures allows us to automate e-commerce workflows based on Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce and other e-commerce solutions. Besides implementing tailor-made solutions, we also developed specialized modules which cover several vertical markets like POS ticket sales, Public services metering and invoicing, Franchising, Container management, etc. Our in-house development team is also ready to create specialized vertical modules based on your requirements and to adapt or enhance existing specialized modules. We are here to help your organization implement Odoo as the base for your Digital transformation journey.

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